A comprehensive over hall involving research, design, and implementation of nonprofit’s website that led to over 22% increase in conversions. 


The original BfA website was dated, cluttered, difficult for users to navigate, and failed to convey Bibles for America's story. Although the company had a number of new offerings, none of them were being featured on the site due to the difficulty of updating the old site.

Users found it difficult to order multiple products at once because products required users to pass through separate order flows. It was also difficult for users to know what action to take next or when to return to the site. 

Although over 50% of orders came through online orders through the website, Bibles for America had not invested much in developing its online presence. I was tasked with leading the internal team involved in this project. 


Led internal team. Managed relationships with third party information architect and visual design team.

Hands-on UX research + design User and market research, Content inventory, Persona creation, Usability testing, Phone interviews, Mockups & wireframes.


Bibles for America internal teams, Churchmedia


We began with an exploration of exiting market research. In order to get a deeper understanding of our user needs, we conduct user surveys and interviewed key stakeholders within and outside of the organization. We also conducted a handful of usability tests to uncover the main usability issues with the original site.

Based on our research, we developed three main personas to direct the design of the site. We were also able to define in greater detail the specific goals of the redesign, which focused on showcasing our unique offerings, while building trust with each user through conveying Bibles for America's warm and friendly personality. 

Mockups of the initial concepts for the main pages of the site were created in Balsamiq. Additionally, a detailed design guide was created to communicate our vision with third party teams hired during the process. These artifacts were used as guides for the visual design and development team brought on the help execute our vision.


The bookstore order process was reduced from a four page process to a two step process. Users are able to clearly see what they add to their order and proceed to a streamlined single-page checkout.  

At the same time, users are now greeted by Bibles for America's warm, friendly, yet professional personality, and can easily learn more about the organization if they choose to do so. As a result, the level of trust and likelihood to order materials has increased greatly.

Following the launch of the new site, month over month orders increased by over 22% and year over year orders by over 44%.

User personas sitemap sitemap

Homepage mockup

Homepage mockup

Book store page mockup

Book store page mockup

Home page visual design by Churchmedia

Home page visual design by Churchmedia

Book store page visual design by Churchmedia

Book store page visual design by Churchmedia