Explorations in Rapid Prototyping

This is a compilation of work from the HCI + D prototyping studio course.

During the ten week course, we dove head first into a wide variety of rapid prototyping techniques. Each week, we studied, created, and evaluated prototypes using a new technique to address various user experience design problems and platforms.

For more detailed process documentation and reflections on each technique, visit my HCI+D Blog.

Paper Prototyping

Used to test the concept of  "GeoJournal", an app that helps you capture short geotagged moments through out your day using a smart watch and mobile application.

Model Prototyping

Used for testing various handle forms for an immersion blender.

User testing in kitchen context with various prototypes.

Video Prototyping

Used to tell the story of how GeoJournal might play a role in your life.

Behavioral Prototyping - Wizard of Oz

Used to test gesture behaviors during TV viewing.

Behavioral Prototype Set Up.png

Website Prototyping with Axure

Link to interactive wireframe prototype.

Mobile Prototyping with App Inventor

Used to created a functional prototype for Tweak the Tweet application.

Electronics Prototyping with Arduino

An exploration into physical commuting. 

Physical Prototyping with Rhino & MakerBot

A taste of 3D printing.

makerbot oops.jpg

Prototyping for Research

Used for generative and evaluative research on the SousChef App, a tablet application designed to make cooking with multiple recipes easier.